▪ Environmental Site Assessments

- Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments by MOE “Qualified Persons” (QPESA) meeting the current

regulatory requirements

- Preparation and filing of Records of Site Condition

- Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

- Environmental Investigations for Due Diligence and Financing purposes

- Subsurface Investigations and Baseline Environmental Surveys

▪ Peer Reviews:

- Peer review of environmental site assessment reports including Phase One ESA, Phase Two ESA, Risk

Assessments, remediation plans, and hydrogeologic studies

- Peer Review services for municipalities, planning agencies and legal counsel

Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials Surveys

- Work completed in compliance with O.Reg.490/09 and O.Reg.278/05

- Designated Substances sampling

- Asbestos and lead abatement plans

Excess Soil Disposal as per O.Reg. 406

- Assessment of Past Use (APU)

- Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP)

- Soil Characterization Report (SCR)

- Excess Soil Destination Assessment (ESDA)