• ·       Various building structures such as schools, universities, public buildings, hospitals, commercial and industrial buildings, high-rise apartments/condos, high-rise commercial buildings and hotels,  shopping centres, arenas, ice rinks and hotels;

    ·     Highway and railroad bridges, grade separations, highways, municipal roads and streets, culvert  and small bridge replacement and widening, new culverts and small bridges;

    ·        Water tanks (elevated and underground), underground gas tanks and storage facilities;

    ·        Shoring structures and boardwalks;

    ·        Water treatment plants, pumping stations, storm water management ponds;

    ·      Watermain and sewers at various depths within public roadways and private subdivisions involving open excavations and various tunnelling methods, such as TBM tunnelling, micro tunnelling, jack and bore, pipe ramming, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), etc.;

    ·        Dams, high embankments, river and creek diversions, erosion protection studies;

    ·       Slope stability studies for nature slopes and geotechnical setback studies;  Slope stability study for engineered fill slopes and embankment; Slope stability study for roadway embankment and railway embankment;

    ·      Tunnelling undercrossing railways, highways using Jack and Bore, Pipe Ramming, Micro-Tunnelling, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and conventional TBM tunnelling;

    ·   Design of retaining structures ( Amour Stone Retaining Walls) including geotechnical global stability analysis; and

    ·      Subdivisions across GTA and surrounding areas with various soil conditions from very soft clays to bedrocks.